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4K & 1080P support

 Really need higher resolution output beyond 720P.  Many uses beyond the web and small mobile devices. 

Yes, I would give up on it and look to Explaindio.  Any software with 720P as your only export option is just simply a toy for kids today.


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The concept is good, as is Powerpoint ... but the software is for kids - 720P, no updates, no communication, no bug fixes, no seeking of suggestions.  They made their money and continue to get recurring revenue, so ride the horse as long as you can.  Two years plus for any kind of significant update?  Sad but true.


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What kind of update takes 15 months? Did it even take that long to create the software? I am looking to buy this software, but have low confidence that it is not vaporware at this point. If I have to wait for a new version, I will. But this software is unique in the market, and you are just letting it rest on its laurels? I guess it is still making many sales for you guys then? Please update your loyal customers and potential customers properly!


Is there any update on this? Last year, there was an anniversary edition on May 5th. We haven't received any updates regarding a new version as it's now been over a year. Is 1080p now supported along with 4k. Will you please provide a timeframe on the next update? 


Our developers are currently working on a new update for the software. We can't give an ETA yet of when it will be released. Please wait for our announcements via email or on the members area. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

That's so true, 1080p is standard now. 

We apologize for the long wait guys. Please be aware that our developers are still currently working on the upgrade of the software. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Besides the 720, I've had other issues with software. I will voice record for a slide and then go to export, and it won't export all the slides. It was pretty frustrating. It's a great concept, it's just the execution is a bit lacking. Hope they can actually give a date for when the fixes will be done. 

Please submit a trouble ticket for other issues so we can further assist you.

I am so saddened by this. I did contact the tech support but it seemed it wasn't resolved. Do you know why they won't upgrade the software to latest specs? It seems too many customers would leave for another software with so many coming out now. I don't see how they could make recurring revenue?

I assume they have one software developer, or zero (they may have contracted with E European) - they are strictly riding the monthly recurring revenue pony now.  They have been telling me a new version is in the works for over a year.  The concept of taking Pics and Video, and making it quick and easy to overlay effects, transitions, and titles is good.  But you have to fix bugs, improve features, and update the software on a regular schedule.  Anything less is not right.  I wouldn't hold out hope - check out other products like Explaindio. 


Newbie software developers release software for one off prices today, the smarter ones release them at recurring prices, because development must be funded somehow, or the program stagnates. Like this one did. IF you guys release a new software, or update this one, make sure you switch your pricing model to yearly!

Sure there are definite exceptions to this rule, for example "scrapebox", a software needed as a basic tool for all marketers. But the rule is, you NEED to pay for updates to a software, in order to keep it updated!


For now, the maximum resolution on the MP4 file upon exporting is 1280 x 720. Thanks!

It's been over 8 months without an update to the software. When is the new edition coming?