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Problems saving projects leading to bad rendering of video


While I appreciate that I didn't pay an arm and a leg for VideoMakerFX and it does do quite a lot more than other products in this niche, I have ended up wasting far to much of my very valuable time because of some poor coding and a lack of testing on your part.

Here are the bugs I have encountered so far which I have been able to replicate with the help of other users on different systems.

Saving / Save As:

a) When you create a new project your software assigns if a project name.  It doesn't matter what we call our projects or save them as, your software never updates the project name with the new name.  eg New project is called 'test1' - It is saved as - 'test2' - when "test2" is re-opened at a later date it is still called 'test1'.

- as seen in any .prj file

issue effect: when exporting a project the video file name defaults to the original project name

b) When saving a project to a non default location eg d:\video\project1\name.prj your software saves the file to that location.  However if you then click 'save project' your software does not update the project file at

d:\video\project1\name.prj - it saves to the default location \VideoMakerFX\projects

issue effect: you are not saving to the expected file, it's impossible to work on revisions, you overwrite files to easily, you lose work

Working with saved files causes incorrect rendering of video when outputting

It is currently impossible to produce and out put a video that renders correctly if you save a project file, close VideoMakerFX, re-open the project, make changes (add new slides) and try to output a video!!

Essentially we are forced into producing and outputting the video in one sitting which is totally impractical.

Issue Result: When you do the above the video renders but the backgrounds have shifted location (generally upwards) resulting in large white (or coloured) bars at the bottom of slides that were previously saved. The slides that were added in the current sitting render without issue.

It's also worth noting that some of the animations within some slides also alter position.

Issue effect: I've lost about three days work, got very frustrated and had to redo everything I've saved.

When will you issue a fix for these bugs?

How about sending me some slides as a sorry :) ?

My problem is, after I have created my 12 slides, and I got my voice over almost correct, I wanted to create the Video. When i looked at the new Video (just created), the SPEED of the slides was incredible. The Voice over was left behind ,like the last horse racing in the Melbourne Cup.
 I am going to send a new support message, but I also want to send them the video (zipped).
P.S.  For my Voice over, I use a software called "Text Speaking" (I think),  which I purchased about 6+ years ago. It is great. but you have to play around a bit with both softwares DELAY setups.


Hi George, 

If you're having some issues with the rendering and exporting your project, please submit a trouble ticket to support and we will be more happy to further assist you through screen sharing or remote assistance. Thank you!

@stuffgalore to be fair to VFX I thought the same thing until I actually rendered the video and then played it back.  In my case the 'in software' playback is misleading and it may be the case with you too?  I use it as a 'guide' to how the finished video might look.

render the video out, play it back and see how it sounds/syncs then.


Hi there, if you'd like more help, you might consider visiting the very active Facebook group where all the customers of the software (like me) are helping each other every day, and being inspired by all the videos being created, and learning from each other.

If you haven't used the Group yet, pop over and ask to be added:

I rarely pop over to this Support area any more, although I've been helping people every day on the FB Group.

Look forward to seeing you all there!


Hi George,

For cases like this, we recommend that you open a Support Ticket so we can further assist you.


WHY do my uploaded files only upload in a pbj.file , i can't upload or open them? Would you please recommend a file changer software program. Can't upload to YouTube or facebook.

thanks  Paul

please send answer to

trying to render a video after editing a saved project.

Pictures (images inserted) do not render property.

Have you made a solution to this yet  I just read a string of 5 months of this issue and no solution.

Please advise.


Thanks, you may close this ticket, I have figured out this problem on my own.


HI Paul, thank you for the confirmation! Have a good one.

I am not going to repeat all of the problems that the many others of you have detailed.

Suffice it ti say that this software did not have much effort put into the debugging and upgrades that should have accompanies its development.

I bought it 9 days ago and created no less that 36 .prjs of which close to 50 % are corrupted.

I work for an international agency and to be honest the fact is that being able to create a prj in an hour which explains all of a problem with these different formats and transitions is cool BUT THE FACT IS it is really bad software with alot of glitches and the developers seem to have abandoned the product and left it to a so called support team that is unable to do anything

While you may say that at $27 what did you expect that is not the matter here.

My agency as global as it it values every since dollar in its budget.

The thing is that they continue to collect money on this product and the support guy they have in the Philipines or who thay say is in the philipines is unable to help you one lick with this problem.

I too am going back to Easy Sketch Video

Hello Tolis,

We have responded on both your tickets. We will wait for your response and hopefully we can assist you through screen sharing or remote access so that we can resolve your issue. Thanks!

To: Kevin Polley,
  Thank You for your very prompt answer.but the actual problem is not how the video looked, but it seems that the Voice over was too slow for the video, as compared to the Slides (which were excellent).
Now, I have just had an answer back from Support, and the recommendation is this : Create a video using the Slides WITHOUT  any Voice over. Create your Voice over ( I am using "Text Speaker" > which is excellent), then go to Windows Movie Maker ( I am using Windows 7 - Home Premium), and adjust the sound and video together.
 I am going to do this tomorrow (Saturday.  Sydney, Australia Time).
I will keep you posted on the results.
Regards and Thank You.  Harry Deitch  (Sydney, Australia).


Hi there Harry, waving from the Gold Coast just up from Sydney :-)

I never add music or audio inside VMFX as the results have never been satisfactory.

I always add them via my video editing software (I use Screenflow for Mac, but Camtasia for Mac/PC is the same, and WMM and Mac iMovie all do an excellent job).

We have a very active and supportive Group on Facebook if you ever need to ask questions - I posted the link above.  I answer a lot of questions on the group so if I can help, give me a yell.



After posting a temporary solution on this thread about a month ago, I now have to withdraw that "solution".

It no longer works, and cannot be used under any circumstances on my Mac.

No matter what I do, I cannot create a duplicate Project, either by duplicating the .prj file OR by using Save As and following the instructions provided by Support.

As the Support team has come to find out, I like to see and create step-by-step instructions to make sure there are NO ways to break anything in VMFX :-)

I recently discussed this SAVE AS issue with a software developer I know, and who has now seen this software in action -- they advised me it was a very simple coding fix which would only take a few minutes to solve to get the SAVE AS feature working perfectly.

Perhaps VMFX can spend a day fixing this one thing which would make thousands of people happy -- or simply remove the SAVE AS button as it's broken?

I love VMFX and have got used to doing all my editing outside of the software, but this one simple task to "duplicate" a Project is an essential part of the video toolbox.

I do so hope it can be solved. Fingers' crossed in anticipation!