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Problems saving projects leading to bad rendering of video


While I appreciate that I didn't pay an arm and a leg for VideoMakerFX and it does do quite a lot more than other products in this niche, I have ended up wasting far to much of my very valuable time because of some poor coding and a lack of testing on your part.

Here are the bugs I have encountered so far which I have been able to replicate with the help of other users on different systems.

Saving / Save As:

a) When you create a new project your software assigns if a project name.  It doesn't matter what we call our projects or save them as, your software never updates the project name with the new name.  eg New project is called 'test1' - It is saved as - 'test2' - when "test2" is re-opened at a later date it is still called 'test1'.

- as seen in any .prj file

issue effect: when exporting a project the video file name defaults to the original project name

b) When saving a project to a non default location eg d:\video\project1\name.prj your software saves the file to that location.  However if you then click 'save project' your software does not update the project file at

d:\video\project1\name.prj - it saves to the default location \VideoMakerFX\projects

issue effect: you are not saving to the expected file, it's impossible to work on revisions, you overwrite files to easily, you lose work

Working with saved files causes incorrect rendering of video when outputting

It is currently impossible to produce and out put a video that renders correctly if you save a project file, close VideoMakerFX, re-open the project, make changes (add new slides) and try to output a video!!

Essentially we are forced into producing and outputting the video in one sitting which is totally impractical.

Issue Result: When you do the above the video renders but the backgrounds have shifted location (generally upwards) resulting in large white (or coloured) bars at the bottom of slides that were previously saved. The slides that were added in the current sitting render without issue.

It's also worth noting that some of the animations within some slides also alter position.

Issue effect: I've lost about three days work, got very frustrated and had to redo everything I've saved.

When will you issue a fix for these bugs?

How about sending me some slides as a sorry :) ?

I am not going to repeat all of the problems that the many others of you have detailed.

Suffice it ti say that this software did not have much effort put into the debugging and upgrades that should have accompanies its development.

I bought it 9 days ago and created no less that 36 .prjs of which close to 50 % are corrupted.

I work for an international agency and to be honest the fact is that being able to create a prj in an hour which explains all of a problem with these different formats and transitions is cool BUT THE FACT IS it is really bad software with alot of glitches and the developers seem to have abandoned the product and left it to a so called support team that is unable to do anything

While you may say that at $27 what did you expect that is not the matter here.

My agency as global as it it values every since dollar in its budget.

The thing is that they continue to collect money on this product and the support guy they have in the Philipines or who thay say is in the philipines is unable to help you one lick with this problem.

I too am going back to Easy Sketch Video

HI Paul, thank you for the confirmation! Have a good one.

Thanks, you may close this ticket, I have figured out this problem on my own.


Hi George,

For cases like this, we recommend that you open a Support Ticket so we can further assist you.


John, I did watch the training and I did export.  I've opened, did a save as, edited project, saved, exported and slides don't render. the second time through.

Hi Paul,

It's because you'd have to "Export" the project first so that it'll convert your Project Files (.prj) to a Video (.mp4). 

There's an "Export Project" button on the top panel of your VideoMakerFX.

I highly recommend that you check out this Training section on the Member's Area so you can familiarize yourself with the software.

Please feel free to contact us back if you have any question.



WHY do my uploaded files only upload in a pbj.file , i can't upload or open them? Would you please recommend a file changer software program. Can't upload to YouTube or facebook.

thanks  Paul

please send answer to

Hi George, 

If you're having some issues with the rendering and exporting your project, please submit a trouble ticket to support and we will be more happy to further assist you through screen sharing or remote assistance. Thank you!

trying to render a video after editing a saved project.

Pictures (images inserted) do not render property.

Have you made a solution to this yet  I just read a string of 5 months of this issue and no solution.

Please advise.


Kevin, the last ticket we have here from you was 3 months ago. Please submit a new one so that we can assist you further.

I did submit a support ticket and the problem still exists.
Without specific release dates "pretty soon" is nothing but yet another false promise.

Just solve it and release an updated working version.  Then add your 'new' bits n bobs.


Thank you for all your feedbacks!

Please submit a trouble ticket to us, Support Team, so that we can provide a resolution for your issue. We will do our best to assist you in any way. With regards to the update, please be a little patient. Peter had already mentioned that a new update will be release pretty soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

With respect, your problems with the location of your programmers is not the problem of your customers, that's people like me who bought your 'tool' expecting it to work and for the BASICS (being able to save and recover and continue) to be in place.

Your company has had our money, promised to provide fixes and done nothing about fixing a problem that you have been told about. Over three months ago. That is unacceptable!!

You are running a business and you should look for programmers elsewhere if your existing 'team' can't do the job for whatever reason.

I am sick and tired of not being able to do what I want or need to do because you have not provided a fix.  Essentially you have failed in your promises, provided goods that are not fit for purpose and I feel like you have robbed me, both in time and money.

I'm going to give you fair warning here and now that you have seven days to fix and release a new version that solves this problem or I will start a negative campaign with the goal of stopping any other people from buying this 'product'.  Heck I'll even call out Todd Gross and put him in the limelight for recommending this 'product'.  As it's obvious now he never used it, tried it and if he did, that he decided to put making a quick affiliate buck over and above providing the truth and value to his subscribers.

Your false 'marketing hype' and false promises are now falling on deaf ears,  I expect and demand action!

Sort things out. Now!


Hello Support Team,

I am having the same problem.

What is really strange, this problem is known for 3 months now and still no fix or solution.

When you bring out a software it should be the easiest to save and copy a file the propper way.Not just selling a IM Tool to make fast money!!

For a user the program is worth nothing, when you have more work at the end.

Solve the problem now.

Best regards,


Hello Kevin,

Per Peter, it has been some time since our last update in June but just to reassure everyone VideoMakerFX remains our primary project for the long term ahead as opposed to launching new products. We are working on new features that have been met with some setbacks and complications. Also I will mention that some programmers and designers that are part of our team are based in the eastern part of the Ukraine and unfortunately the ongoing unrest there has caused some extended absence and loss from our team. Thankfully our lead programmer has relocated to a safer area and we're working on getting back up to speed.

Our software without a doubt is a revolutionary tool and on a different level of most other software and tools for marketers that are out there and we hope to have something ready for you soon! I really don't want to promise or set any date unless I can firmly say it will be ready, but we will keep you updated!