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Please use more professional-looking characters

By and large, VMFX is pretty good - especially for the price.

However, I can't use most of the character-based slides because they look hokey... especially the male characters with facial hair.

In future updates I'd like to see clean-shaven male characters, as well as female characters that look more business-like.

What does the forum think?

And PLEASE use a different reCaptcha box that is READABLE!

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Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, we have enough character videooooooooooooos!  More kinetic text please!!?  I will NEVER use these people characters for anything!  THANK YOU!  Love this software!


I would like more whiteboard videos where the characters are sketchout. there are only 2 plus the writing of words. when will they have more of these?

Nick, we appreciate your feedback and suggestion!

We will log this on our suggestion log. Hopefully, we will be able to create more professional and business-like characters in the future as you have suggestion.

Have to agree, I need more professional characters, plus more choices otherwise all videos may look the same 

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