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Please use our survey and polling system to request features:

For future themes and slides please take our poll here:

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I agree, there is lots of stuff about local sell/buy/fix/internetmarketingbusiness, and nothing about schools, family, dating. I would like very much to have thems about learning and relationalbusiness: people learning and people talking about relational problems, dating, fitniss, lifestyle....

HI Chris,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will note this down and forward it to our slide developer and will be review for consideration. We focuses more on themes that can be use generally by the members. We can't give you an ETA of when this will be available but hopefully themes with these types will be created in the future. 

Hello.  I went to take the poll, but did not see any options for the types of themes I am interested in.  I am interested in themes relating to kids, families, parenting, schools, etc.  Can you please make some themes and animated characters that include children?  Thanks!

Hi Jeff, that would be amazing but unfortunately VMFX has its limits and it doesn't have that functionality for now. Hopefully it will be in the future. Thanks!

Is there a way to run the export function programmatically, i.e. in a command line? I am trying to create a lot of videos, but the export function takes a lot of time. I would like to be able to create a bunch of project files and then run a script to process them in the background while I'm doing something productive.

Wilco, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks, I understand now.

Hi Wilco,

Peter Roszak, the owner, posted this on Facebook last September 2. Hope this helps!

"It has been some time since our last update in June but just to reassure everyone VideoMakerFX remains our primary project for the long term ahead as opposed to launching new products. We are working on new features that have been met with some setbacks and complications. Also I will mention that some programmers and designers that are part of our team are based in the eastern part of the Ukraine and unfortunately the ongoing unrest there has caused some extended absence and loss from our team. Thankfully our lead programmer has relocated to a safer area and we're working on getting back up to speed.

Our software without a doubt is a revolutionary tool and on a different level of most other software and tools for marketers that are out there and we hope to have something ready for you soon! I really don't want to promise or set any date unless I can firmly say it will be ready, but we will keep you updated!"

I Like VideomakerFX and the I liked the Pro themes of august very much. I hope we get more of them. 

This monthly membership is great, it's one of the few memberships that delivers things I can really use.

The only thing I'm a bit disappointed about is the fact that is has been a long time ago for an update of VideomakerFX. My fear is that this is another software that I bought that after a few months stops updating the software. So please makers of VideomakerFX tell me when their will be an update with interesting new features soon.  

Hi Lee,

We're sorry to hear that you still haven't found the specific scene that you were looking for. We don't make a custom made scene as our templates are available for the general audience. You can, however, enter your requests and suggestions on this link:

We can't give you an ETA as there's no guarantee. Hopefully, it will be available possibly in the future.

Hi Sheen

You did't really answer my question: what's the point of asking for input if you are going to ignore it month after month?

You consistently deliver things people aren't asking for (and many, in the Facebook Group, comment that they really have no use for) and fail to deliver things people are asking for.

I've maintained my Pro Themes subscription in the vain hope that you'll eventually deliver.

I guess now I know you won't so there's no need for me to maintain my subscription.

Hi Dawson,

We are trying our best to cater all your requests. Everything has been reviewed and evaluated carefully. If the request templates or scenes are not present on this month's updates, it would likely be available possibly in the future. We just can't give an ETA however we will do our best to cater your requests.

There seems to be a huge disconnect between the responses here and what you end up delivering every month.

In fact it seems as if you aren't taking the feedback you're asking for into consideration and you're just pushing out things that no one has asked for.

What's the point of asking for input if you are going to ignore it month after month?

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the message.

The Kickstarter package is a set of images/graphics that you can use with VideoMakerFX. You just import them into the slides using the Image tabs then selecting the Image Area/Background.

Since this is an image file, you cannot just change the texts in these images. Though you can use Photoshop to edit these images prior to importing them into VideoMakerFX.


 Mike, looping any of these tracks is a one minute process in an unlimited number of audio applications. I would look at Audacity. On a Mac you could even do it in GarageBand. It really is easy-peasey and if it's not something that you know how to do, learning how would open you up to discover lots of things that you can easily do in an audio app.

Just a suggestion.

Cheers. - Frank

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