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Hi Sheen

You did't really answer my question: what's the point of asking for input if you are going to ignore it month after month?

You consistently deliver things people aren't asking for (and many, in the Facebook Group, comment that they really have no use for) and fail to deliver things people are asking for.

I've maintained my Pro Themes subscription in the vain hope that you'll eventually deliver.

I guess now I know you won't so there's no need for me to maintain my subscription.

Hi Lee,

We're sorry to hear that you still haven't found the specific scene that you were looking for. We don't make a custom made scene as our templates are available for the general audience. You can, however, enter your requests and suggestions on this link:

We can't give you an ETA as there's no guarantee. Hopefully, it will be available possibly in the future.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the message.

The Kickstarter package is a set of images/graphics that you can use with VideoMakerFX. You just import them into the slides using the Image tabs then selecting the Image Area/Background.

Since this is an image file, you cannot just change the texts in these images. Though you can use Photoshop to edit these images prior to importing them into VideoMakerFX.


I suggest that the audio settings provide for continuous looping of the first sound track. If the background music doesn't last long enough to cover all the slides, it makes the project appear unprofessional. One could search for longer sound tracks, but that can waste a lot of time and still not do the trick. The simple solution seems to be to just restart the audio file specified in the first track.


 Mike, looping any of these tracks is a one minute process in an unlimited number of audio applications. I would look at Audacity. On a Mac you could even do it in GarageBand. It really is easy-peasey and if it's not something that you know how to do, learning how would open you up to discover lots of things that you can easily do in an audio app.

Just a suggestion.

Cheers. - Frank

Hello, I'd like to see the following features added to VideoMakerFX:
1. The ability to paste our video text into one screen and have it auto populate on the slides. This would save a ton of time when creating videos.
2. Longer songs or the ability to loop the songs.


There seems to be a huge disconnect between the responses here and what you end up delivering every month.

In fact it seems as if you aren't taking the feedback you're asking for into consideration and you're just pushing out things that no one has asked for.

What's the point of asking for input if you are going to ignore it month after month?


當我的很多朋友看到我用makerfx,他們都非常興奮,想購買它,但他們聽到不要支持中國font.they很  失望



Hello Ben Gerald,

As of this time the software only supports english and western character fonts. We are continously improving the software to cater different languages and fonts but the current version only has the capability of using english. We apologize for the inconvenience. If there's anything else we can assist you kindly let us know. We thank you for using VideoMakerFX and wishing you success. 


1)  Could the team look into adding slide themes related to school or education?

2)  Make the animation in the theme editable, such as allowing us to change the length of animation of some of the objects?

3)  Allowing us to delete objects that are not suitable so that we can make use of some of the themes and adapt to our projects?

4) Allow us to create slides from scratch with some tools instead of having to make use of the slide theme package that we purchased.


A slide with no movement for any image (positionable) so we can cut to that for simple animation.. Example hand places image of a frowny face then images changes (the next slide) to a smiley face. This would appear as an animation and has to be super simple to do as it would just be a blank slide with no effect only a positionable graphic.

I agree, there is lots of stuff about local sell/buy/fix/internetmarketingbusiness, and nothing about schools, family, dating. I would like very much to have thems about learning and relationalbusiness: people learning and people talking about relational problems, dating, fitniss, lifestyle....

Hi Wilco,

Thanks for the message.

We have released themes related to the ones you're looking for previously.

ProThemes June includes Weight Loss themes for both Male and Female.

ProThemes September includes Dating themes for Male and Female and and Education Classroom Theme as well

VideoProfitFX includes some slides for Dating-Love Promotion

Then there's ProThemes August which includes different social situations which is called ProThemes People Situations.

Please feel free to contact us back for further queries.



Being able to add in an "8 mm" type effect on sections of video would be very cool.  Is that possible to add easily?

The Bonuses contained the package called "Videomakerkickstartcomplete". It looks pretty cool and would be extremely useful, but how do I change PNG files with VideoMaker's product? 

Is there any chance to change the text in these graphics? 

Best regards,


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