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Feature Requests

Please use our survey and polling system to request features:

For future themes and slides please take our poll here:

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Allow themes and animations from third parties

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Biggest limitation with this software:

We should be able to place images where we want on the slide and images should be scalable.

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Hey guys

Loving the software but is there any chance of either making the music tracks longer and allowing us to edit the length for the videos or having a loop system in the audio section please?

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Just one question: after buying VideoMakerFX and the extra scenes, I still haven't found the specific scene I need - is it possible to have a scene "custom made"? Because I cannot draw at all...

I would like to see ... Automated text video reader feature included in VideoMakerFx.

Hi Dawson,

We are trying our best to cater all your requests. Everything has been reviewed and evaluated carefully. If the request templates or scenes are not present on this month's updates, it would likely be available possibly in the future. We just can't give an ETA however we will do our best to cater your requests.

Addressing the "Add a Slide" portion of the program.
Sometimes, I don't want to add all of the slides, at once.

And sometimes.. I prefer to add a single, or 'selected slides', in the same and different categories.

The issue?

After adding just a single slide, the box will disappear, and you have to start the whole process over again. What should be one step, now turns into four to five steps.

You have to [1] Click on "Add a Slide" - again - [2] scroll down the [massive] list of the previous month's additions, [3] find the slide category you were just at, [4] add a single slide, before the whole process starts over again.

Keeping the "Add a Slide" box open, instead of it immediately closing, to add a single slide - or many -, would prove useful, practical, and time saving.

Thank you.

Why is the audio from Video clips not allowed?

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your comments.

First, we cannot immediately use themes and animations from other applications as they are proprietary to the software they came bundled with. We'll have to first make arrangements with the developer of those applications and we all know that's a lot of work and still not guaranteed.

Second, if you use external Video clips, it will only import the video. Music and voice overlay can then be done during the duration of the video or of the project itself. Importing the sounds from the video might be a little bit too complicated as it will also import the audio codec and then we'll need a decoder on VideomakerFX to make it possible. It's really a bit too complicated for now and we want to make sure that VideoMakerFX remains user friendly and easy to use.

If you guys have more suggestions, we suggest that you send them to our developers using the Suggest Features link provided by Peter above.

If you're having any issues, please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket for further assistance.

Thank you.

I love the design of many of the slides, but have found two problems:

1) If I want to use a slide type that looks really cool, but add narration to them, sometimes the actual actions in the slides go too quickly.  For example, if a slide shows textarea1, waits 2 seconds, then replaces it with textarea2... there is no way for me to get my narration completed, or have the users watching the video read the text in that short amount of time.

So, my option is to put in slide delays at the begining or the end, but still, that only helps the slide duration as a whole and doesn't seem to slow down the animation "pace" if you will.

It would be amazing if, similar to the text editor, shape editor, movie editor, etc., you could have the actually EFFECTS be listed, with timing adjustments.  So, that I could put in a pause, or at the very least, change how long between each animation, or how long each animation actually takes to run.

I'm sure people would also like to change the path/etc, but I understand that would be VERY difficult.  For starters, can we just get some better timing options please?

2) many times when I increase the font size of my text... or shapes, they just disappear once i've hit their "upper limits".  I understand why there are 'bounding boxes' if you will, but it's very frustrating.  Could you make the bounding boxes be much larger, so that I can adjust my text to whatever size I want?  If my text ends up being too big and ruining some effect, that's on me.  and I can adjust.  I hate when programs artificially handicap my functionality.

3) It's great that we can narrate individual slides, although, I think there should be a link to mentioning it in the audio settings page... it took me forever to find it.  However, once narrated, I cant seem to find a way to preview/playback, or export.  So, unlike the mp3 audio for the whole video, where I can import/export, adjust volume, etc., I have only a fraction of these options when using the individual slide narration.  Please give me a little more control here, as well.


Also, if on the slide selection screen you could have a list of "recently used" that would help.

Similarly, sometimes the name at the top of each slide in the "editor" (if you will) only includes part of the actual slide name... 

For example, I've seen some that just say something like "Slide 2-Fast", when I originally chose something like "Kinetic Type - Slide 2-Fast"... so, when I go back to add another slide, if I've forgot which group Slide 2 belonged to, I have to scroll through them all to find them... not as easy.

Lastly, how come I need to unzip the slides into the program and then also manually unzip them into my program directory, is something broken in this release?

Hello Earl,

We already sent a reply on your ticket regarding your attempt to re-purchase our product. Peter has been notified about it as well.

Thank you for your interest in VideoMakerFX.

Hi Sheen

You did't really answer my question: what's the point of asking for input if you are going to ignore it month after month?

You consistently deliver things people aren't asking for (and many, in the Facebook Group, comment that they really have no use for) and fail to deliver things people are asking for.

I've maintained my Pro Themes subscription in the vain hope that you'll eventually deliver.

I guess now I know you won't so there's no need for me to maintain my subscription.

Hi Lee,

We're sorry to hear that you still haven't found the specific scene that you were looking for. We don't make a custom made scene as our templates are available for the general audience. You can, however, enter your requests and suggestions on this link:

We can't give you an ETA as there's no guarantee. Hopefully, it will be available possibly in the future.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the message.

The Kickstarter package is a set of images/graphics that you can use with VideoMakerFX. You just import them into the slides using the Image tabs then selecting the Image Area/Background.

Since this is an image file, you cannot just change the texts in these images. Though you can use Photoshop to edit these images prior to importing them into VideoMakerFX.


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